1. What is EATS?
  2. EATS, Eat Awesome Things at School, is a non-profit organization that works with the Park City School District to improve the school food programs and educate students on healthier eating.

  3. What types of things does EATS do?
  4. EATS uses volunteers from the community to educate kids on healthier eating through cooking programs, taste tests, gardens, classroom projects and other food related activities.

  5. How can I get involved with EATS?
  6. We welcome your participation! Please contact us via email at eatspc@gmail.com or you can call Ann Bloomquist at 763-442-3955.

  7. How and when did EATS get its start?
  8. Susan Odell and Ann Bloomquist started EATS in March, 2013 with Kathleen Britton, former Director of Child Nutrition Services in Park City. The three of them saw the benefits of community involvement with the school food programs.

  9. How is EATS funded?
  10. EATS is a non-profit organization funded through grants and donations.

  11. How are donations used?
  12. EATS’s funds are used directly for programs that align with our mission. Administrative expenses are kept to a minimum.

  13. Does EATS have the support of the Park City School District?
  14. Yes! EATS and the Park City School District work closely to ensure our visions align and we are working toward common goals. The Director of Child Nutrition Services, the School Board and the Park City Superintendent are strong supporters of EATS.

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