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Sun, Soil, Water = Memories

It’s May, and many of our minds are on the last few weeks of school. Wrapping up activities, planning summer vacations and camping trips, teacher gifts…But there is one thing that will enrich your summer and give you and your family something to enjoy throughout your summer break. A garden. For a little effort up […]


In the last week of Summer vacation EATS and Summit Community Gardens have partnered to bring you an end-of-summer harvest camp. You can sign up for 1-3 days of this week-long camp. Monday and Tuesday are open to 5-8 year-old kids, Wednesday and Thursday are open to 9-12 year-old kids, and Friday is open to […]


Summit Community Gardens and EATS have partnered to bring kids a CHOPPED Challenge, featuring what they can harvest from the garden. Each day the kids will learn about a different seasonal crop growing and then learn different ways they can create a healthy meal from it. The final day the kids will compete in a […]


Do you like Nature and Eating, or even eating in nature? Swaner and EATS Park City have partnered to bring you the best of both worlds. Discover things that can grow and are edible in your natural environment, then turn them into something delicious to eat. From foraging in the preserve to cooking plants native […]


May 18th at Jeremy Ranch Elementary and Trailside Elementary. EATS understands that many peoples schedules are very full, please consider signing up even if you can only attend part of the class. We rely on volunteers to assist our chef and keep our little chefs on-task and safe. You will teach students how to use kitchen tools, measure […]

EATS Spring Break Camp

Going to be in town during Spring break? Need something awesome to do with your Kids? EATS Park City will be putting on a half day camp April 9 – 13 for kids from 5th grade to 7th. To find all the information for the camp, click here. If you have further questions please email Devery at Learn More, […]

Help Us Support KPCW

KPCW is holding their Winter Pledge Drive Feb 26th – March 1st. EATS has a goal of raising $2000 for KPCW. Call in Wed, Feb 28th from 2p – 3p during EATS Challenge Hour! Help Your Favorite Nonprofit Recieve SIX MONTHS of Free Underwriting KPCW is a nonprofit radio station that helps other nonprofits spread […]

Mushroom Madness

Long gone are the days of hair nets, fake cheese and tater tot burgers. Here at EATS we are doing what we can to make sure we keep things mixed up! In January the students at McPolin, Trailside, Jeremy Ranch, and Parley’s Park Elementary Schools had the opportunity to chef it up and make some […]

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