Ann Bloomquist

Dear Lunch Ladies, Thank you. Sincerely, The Parents.

Googling through posts about Lunch Lady Appreciation week, I came across an excellent article in the Huffington Post describing the complexities of the school lunch program. Having worked for over two years now with the Park City Child Nutrition Services department, I can attest first-hand to the intricate web of  diverse issues that go into feeding […]

Nutrition Key to Athletes' Success

USSA High Performance Chef Allen Tran explains the importance of good nutrition to young athletes from the Park City Ski Team What’s the difference between fueling your body and just eating? What’s the 2& 2 rule of thumb? Why does your body need logs of carbs as well as kindling? These questions were answered for […]

It happens all the time. You take your kids out for dinner and the hostess asks, “Do you want a kids’ menu?” Of course your twelve year old rolls his eyes and you politely decline for him with the forgiving quip, “He’s a growing boy.” But what you may really be thinking is that the […]

“EATS Park City thinks the idea of kid food is just cluckin’ ridiculous!” One day each month, a group of determined volunteers enters the Park City elementary schools (and Ecker Hill) offering both familiar (cherry tomatoes, cucumbers) and maybe not so familiar (brussel sprouts) items during the lunch periods. Conversations start off with “Take a […]

Dear Park City, Wow! What an amazing community we live in! Last Friday, 73 non-profit organizations came together and asked for your support and you responded by giving over $1 million in just 24 hours during Live PC Give PC! It’s incredible to live in, raise families, and vacation in such a supportive and caring […]


Most people are not aware that No Park City Tax Dollars go toward the school lunch program. Money to pay for school lunches comes from three sources: 43% from students buying lunch; 43% from federal reimbursement funds for lower income students; and 14% from State funding. There are about 4,500 students in the Park City […]

“Healthy eating has been linked to higher grades, better memory, more alertness, faster information processing and improved health leading to better school attendance,” registered dietitian Elisa Zied, author of Feed Your Family Right. Eating Affects Learning Whether students buy school lunch or bring it from home, what they choose to eat affects how they learn. The […]

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