Food Service in PCSD

Food Service in PCSD

There are seven public schools in the Park City School District including four elementary schools, middle school, junior high, and high school. Each school has cooking facilities that cater to the particular tastes and nutritional needs of its student’s age group.

Cafeteria Staff

Affectionately called the “Lunch Ladies”, we have a dedicated staff of people preparing and serving school meals at each of the schools.


The Park City School Nutrition Program operates as a financially independent branch within the school district. As such, no Park City tax dollars help to fund the program. Rather it is self-funded through food sales with federal and state subsidies.

Kids in the Park City school district are provided the opportunity to eat breakfast and lunch throughout their student career at the seven public schools in the district.

As children mature, so do their palates. The school food offerings reflect this growth by providing a progression of more choices at each higher level education. In fact, the high school cafeteria is set up like a food court with several individual serving stations offering international cuisine as well as traditional food.

Government vs. Local

School lunches must meet USDA and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services guidelines to be considered reimbursable; decisions about what specific foods to serve and how they are prepared are made by local school food authorities (Child Nutrition Services). Elizabeth Strasser, Director of Child Nutrition Services in the Park City School District, balances the rules and regulations with the tastes and desires of Park City students.