ABC 4 Utah Features EATS


On Nov. 4th, EATS was featured by ABC news for Park City’s well known nonprofit fundraising event, Live PC Give PC. ABC news talked about how Live PC Give PC shapes the future of Utah in a single… Read More

Farmers Come to Trailside


Today, local farmers Nolan and Marvin Birt of Marvin’s garden came to the Trailside lunch room to have lunch with the kids. This fall, Marvin’s Garden supplied Park City elementary schools with produce for our taste tests. It… Read More

October Taste Test


The EATS October taste test will be held on Tuesday, October 14th at all four Park City elementary schools plus Ecker Hill Middle School. Weather cooperating, the kids will be sampling different varieties of locally sourced bite-sized tomatoes… Read More

Is it Possible to have Too Much Farmer’s Market Produce?

I found Brother’s Marvin 79, and Nolan 68, one August afternoon in their tiny farm stand at the Park City Farmer’s Market and since then, eating this summer has been glorious. My relationship with the Birt brothers started… Read More