EATS Updates, Virtual Cooking Classes & More!

The outpouring of love, support, and offers of help coming from Parkites are inspiring. I want to give everyone a heartfelt thank you for all your generous support of both EATS and of our community. EATS is offering a weekly virtual cooking class and uploading them to our YouTube channel. Fun and delicious engagement with food are available on […]

Microgreens with Macro Benefits

Why microgreens? The term microgreen is the universal name for almost any green vegetable or herb that produces edible leaves and can be harvested at the cotyledon (first leaves) stage of growth. These greens can be found in a variety of colors, textures, and flavors which can be a healthy addition to many dishes. These […]

5 Immune-Boosting Tips

Below are five supplements that may help improve immune health while offering several other benefits. Many of these have been frequently researched for their immune benefits, however, they cannot replace a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, sleeping well, and exercising are the most important things for your body’s immune system.  1. Eat foods high in vitamin […]

Nutritious Foods to Stock Up On Right Now

Looking for nutritious foods to keep on your shelves for a couple of weeks at a time? These are the foods we recommend: Dried beans. Beans are loaded with protein, fiber and magnesium. They are one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat. Beans (even canned ones) are one of the easiest sources of […]

EATS Updates & COVID-19 Information

We’d like to give everyone a heartfelt thank you for all your generous support of both EATS and of our community. The outpouring of love, support, and offers of help coming from Parkites are inspiring. EATS has worked quickly to adjust our programming to a virtual format. We are offering multiple classes through our Facebook page and […]

Snacks In Backpacks to Continue

EATS will continue to work with CCPC to provide our free and reduced lunch kiddos with supplemental weekend meals. Weekend backpack programs are at the forefront of assisting food-insecure kids to be well-fed through the weekend. In these backpacks distributed on Friday afternoons, kids take home snacks and entrees they can prepare themselves. After state […]


Did you feel like January was months long and February has been flying by? I sure have! EATS has moved and we are now in our new office at 1960 Sidewinder Drive, #208! We have also been busy bees getting Fork in the Road 2020 ready to go. You all are going to have a bigger blast […]

Welcome to the EATS Team, Annalise!

EATS is excited to announce Annalise Bianco has joined our team as Education Coordinator! Annalise is an energetic, self-motivated individual largely interested in nutrition and equal accessibility to fresh, organic food. She is passionate about fostering local food initiatives, using food as medicine, and inspiring others to be aware of where their food comes from. We […]

New Year, New EATS

Happy 2020 friends! EATS is excited for what this new year brings! You may also notice that our logo has changed. I am excited to share that EATS has evolved from Eat Awesome Things at School to Eat Awesome Things.  We have been listening to community feedback, doing organizational assessments, and, most of all-embracing the growth of EATS […]


We are thrilled to announce Natalie Kane has been promoted to Program Manager! Natalie was an excellent Education Coordinator for EATS and we are excited about the enthusiasm and growth she brings to this position. We look forward to Natalie doing great things for EATS and our community! As a result of Natalie’s promotion, we […]

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