Elementary School Gardens Use Farming as a Vehicle for Change

We came across an inspiring article and had to share!

One of the most productive gardens in The Bronx sits in the P.S. 55 Elementary school’s front yard, tended to by local students. The farm’s founder Steve Ritz says “We’re growing a lot of food, but more than anything, we’re growing healthy attitudes.”

Ritz explains why he thinks growing food has led to happier, healthier kids. “When you put a seed in a little kid’s hand, you’re making them a promise that little seed is going to grow into something great that they can eat. And then they get to watch it happen.” This instills in them a sense of pride and a new interest in what they’re putting into their bodies.

A lot of kids start their time at P.S. 55 not knowing that food comes from the ground at all, but they all leave with an understanding of every part of the growing process. Kids are starting to take their health into their own hands in more ways than one. After researching the amount of sugar in their chocolate milk, for example, they convinced the principal to ban it from the lunch room. Ritz is heartened to see each child grow into his or her own unique tastes, and he says they always arrive eager to learn what dishes are on the day’s menu. (Right now, veggie pizzas and hummus are two crowd favorites.)

Read How This Elementary School In The Bronx Is Using Farming As A Vehicle For Change by Emma Loewe.