Getting Rid of “Kid Food”

It happens all the time. You take your kids out for dinner and the hostess asks, “Do you want a kids’ menu?” Of course your twelve year old rolls his eyes and you politely decline for him with the forgiving quip, “He’s a growing boy.” But what you may really be thinking is that the kids’ menu selections are all the same: chicken nuggets, mac-n-cheese, pizza. Why does there have to be a separate menu for kids? Why don’t we offer kids the same delicious food that we eat, just in smaller portion sizes?

In the following sites, the issue of “kid food” is re-examined. Kids Food Reboot is a national program directed at restaurants and families to feed children REAL food while the National Post article follows the evolution to “kid food” in the past thirty years. Both give interesting insight into this disturbing and damaging American phenomena.