Kid Food Creates Picky Eaters

“EATS Park City thinks the idea of kid food is just cluckin’ ridiculous!”

One day each month, a group of determined volunteers enters the Park City elementary schools (and Ecker Hill) offering both familiar (cherry tomatoes, cucumbers) and maybe not so familiar (brussel sprouts) items during the lunch periods. Conversations start off with “Take a bite.” or “Try a small taste.” Most children are very willing to try new things in an environment that is casual and energetic like a school cafeteria. (A small dose of peer pressure never hurts, either!) Preparations are clean and simple: raw or roasted with little to no seasoning; perhaps an addition of a house made dip like hummus.

“Kid food” is food eaten by children. It’s not special in any way! Offer them intelligent options and they’ll learn to make intelligent choices. It’s a teachable skill like any other.

The National Post wrote on article on “how we (have) created an entire generation of unsophisticated, picky eaters — and why we must stop the tasteless cycle”. Read the article.