Live PC Give PC – Nov. 6th

Please consider a donation to EATS on Nov. 6th for one of many causes – bringing healthy snacks to our schools, supporting the healthy breakfast program for economically challenged families, sending kids to EATS cooking classes, supporting monthly taste tests at the elementary schools, and so much more.

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Dedicated to School Lunch and Education

EATS Park City is dedicated to working to improve the school food program, using education as the foundation for change.
By the time our children graduate high school, they will have had THOUSANDS of opportunities to eat school lunch. That’s THOUSANDS of opportunities to strengthen their minds and bodies, learn that healthy eating can be a pleasurable and fulfilling experience, create lifelong healthy eating habits, and help create community stewards to protect and cultivate the natural world.

Healthy school food is not just a public health issue. It’s an academic performance issue. it’s economics as well as community and social justice. Childhood obesity is on the rise. An increasing body of research connects better nutrition with improved scholastic achievment. Healthcare spending for obesity-realted disease is skyrocketing. The universal experience of eating builds community across all lines. And finally, school food is disproportionately vital to children from low-income families.

EATS Park City is committed to helping our children grow up healthy by offering those programs that support and enhance the District. School gardens, cooking classes, nutrition education, taste tests, and collaborative partnerships will ensure a meaningful learning environment as they mature.