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LivePCGivePC_logo2014_SPAN_WEBEATS is partnering with The Park City Foundation for Live PC Give PC on November 7th. Please consider a donation to EATS for one of many causes – bringing healthy snacks to our schools, supporting the healthy breakfast program for economically challenged families, sending kids to EATS cooking classes, supporting monthly taste tests at the elementary schools, and so much more.

WE’RE HUNGRY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! EATS stands for “Eat Awesome Things at School” and that’s what we’re working to provide for our children. EATS has partnered with the Park City school district to find ways to continue to improve school food offerings, introduce new foods, and educate students on the importance of healthy eating. We want food that is nutritious, tasty, and affordable available to all children to energize them and improve their ability to learn. Throughout the coming year, EATS Park City will work together with our community, educators, and local food purveyors to create and provide food options that are nutritious and fun, along with programs that encourage healthy lifestyles.

Join us as we build a legacy of more than 4700 strong and productive members in our community, our next generation, on a foundation of good food and smart choices.
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