Meet the People who make it Happen

EATS Staff Beefs Up as Program Expands

Who makes all the great things from EATS happen? A growing group of dedicated, passionate people who believe in our mission and want to see real change happen.

As our programs continue to grow, the need for people increases. This year, we added several positions to our organizational structure and redistributed responsibilities to ensure program success. We are excited and appreciative to have these intelligent, knowledgeable, caring people on our team!

Meet the Team

Executive Director: Ann Bloomquist

Ann Bloomquist, Co-Founder and former Board President of EATS, took on the role of Executive Director. Ann is responsible for the overall execution of the strategic plan, including staff, programs, partnerships and direction.

Program Manager: Kimberly Patterson

After serving for one year as the EATS Taste Test Coordinator, Kimberly Patterson was hired as Program Manager to oversee our education programs: taste tests, cooking classes and school gardens.

Taste Test Coordinator: Valerie Mey

Valerie Mey coordinates the new Child Nutrition Services Adventure Bites program at all the schools.

Cooking Class Coordinators: Leah Morisi and Claire Hall

Leah Morisi and Claire Hall each head up cooking classes at two elementary schools each on a monthly basis.

Garden Coordinator: Jennifer Ringquist

Jennifer Ringquist works with teachers to successfully implement tower gardens in all of our schools and to include the gardens in curriculum.

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School Champions

In addition to hired staff, we have a group of volunteers who represent EATS at our schools; we call them School Champions. The main role of School Champions is to run the taste tests that EATS has designed (this year with CNS services and their Adventure Bites program). In addition, School Champions act as our ambassadors with PTO/PTSOs, teachers and administrators. They look for opportunities where EATS can have impacts on healthy food in the schools. Click here for a complete list of School Champions.

If you would like to become more involved and join the EATS team, please contact us at