Our Mission

Mission Statement

EATS is dedicated to ensuring every student has opportunities to develop lifelong healthy habits and access to fresh, nutritious appealing food.

The EATS Vision

A significantly healthier generation.

EATS Core Values

  1. Food served in our schools should be based on healthy* ingredients that are nutrient rich, minimally processed, and whole in nature, and are cooked on-site while using local and seasonal products as appropriate.
  2. A collaborative effort between PCSD and the Park City community is essential to attain a holistic approach toward healthier kids.
  3. The PCSD’s Wellness Policy should guide our schools’ behavior and rules as they relate to food as rewards, celebrations, fundraisers and other special events.
  4. Overwhelming scientific evidence suggests that children’s academic excellence, physical performance and emotional stability are directly linked to what they eat and drink each day.
  5. Schools should be a safe haven for all children, including their exposure to food in respect to allergies, eating habits and general health.
  6. Knowledge about food and nutrition are essential life skills and should be instilled throughout the educational process.
  7. Learning how to grow, harvest and prepare food contributes to healthy eating habits. An “edible education” significantly increases a willingness to try and accept new foods.
  8. Students in our community should be able to taste and explore a variety of healthy* and nutritious foods, with the goal of broadening palates rather than immediate acceptance.
  9. Minimizes waste in our school food program will reduce costs, teach our students environmental responsibility and is the right things to do.

*Healthy is defined as: Minimally processed, single-ingredients with an emphasis on fresh, whole, quality plant foods, meats/proteins, natural fats and whole grains. When possible, foods should be grown and prepared without artificial substances or processes, and organic and locally sourced.

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