5 Ways to Be More Sustainable This Spring

earth day ways to be sustainable

Although the snow-covered roads and chilly afternoons might not indicate it, spring is already here! With warmer temperatures and late-night sunsets rapidly approaching, spring encourages us to spend more time enjoying what our beautiful town has to offer. The warmer months are also the perfect time to consider incorporating sustainability into your routine. Here are five ways to be more sustainable this spring.

1. Limiting Waste

One of the simplest ways to be more sustainable is to limit the amount of waste you’re generating. Limiting waste can look differently for each household but the overall idea behind it is to cut back on consumption. This can be things like cutting out single-use plastic items, switching to sustainable or eco-friendly products, or even cutting down on your digital carbon footprint by spending some time in the sun.

2.  Consume More Plants / Diversify Your Plate

plant based ways to be sustainable

Another way to be more sustainable is to diversify your plate and incorporate more plants. Adding in more plants or opting for a plant-based meal encourages us to expand our palate by eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. Eating plant-based also reduces your carbon footprint as animal products, specifically red meat, highly contribute to CO2 emissions.

If completely omitting animal products isn’t your style though, consider purchasing sustainably sourced animal products or taking a more conscious approach to your consumption of these products. If you’re looking for recipe ideas, check out all our recipes here.

3. Purchasing  Local Produce / Growing Your Own Produce

grow your food ways to be sustainable shop local

Buying produce from local farmers or taking on a gardening project of your own are great ways to be more sustainable. Purchasing from local food producers involves less plastic packaging and transportation emissions. Make a day out of visiting a farmers market and purchasing fresh produce while supporting local businesses. 

If instead, you’d like to grow your own produce, herbs are the easiest to get started. Herbs can be grown in pots,  placed somewhere where they will receive plenty of sunlight, and only need to be watered a few times per week.

4.  Consider Taking on Composting At Home

compost at home ways to be sustainable

Composting can seem a bit intimidating when you’re getting started but can be one of the best ways to make use of your food waste. Food waste can actually be used as a natural fertilizer in your garden. If you’re not sure where to get started, make sure to check out EATS’ At-Home Composting e-Book. 

5. Take Part in Sustainability-Focused Events in the Community

sustainability earth day events in park city

There are plenty of resources to go to when it comes to learning about sustainability. Particularly with Earth Day approaching, make sure to check out what organizations like Recycle Utah and the Swaner Preserve & Eco Center are up to. If you find yourself at the Park City Library, make sure to check out their new Sustainability Resource Center. The center offers resources and materials centered around sustainability and climate change as well as other interactive displays to get the kids involved as well.

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