Meaghan Miller-Gitlin, Executive Director

Meaghan, a self described foodie in training, has always had an interest in food, nutrition and education. Changing the playing field regarding food and how we think about nutrition is a driver. With an allied healthcare background including a degree in Athletic Training from Colorado Mesa University and a Master's in Healthcare Policy and Regulation from University of Denver Meaghan sees leading EATS as an opportunity to help create a healthier community.

Meaghan brings her healthcare experience to direct the growth of EATS within its mission to ensure every student in Park City has opportunities to develop lifelong healthy habits and access to fresh, nutritious, appealing food. Her strong knowledge of health and food relationships along with her experience in policy & program development, and community relationships are an ideal fit for EATS. Meaghan looks forward to joining EATS and says:

Food really is medicine and many of the crippling health issues we face can be prevented with better relationships with food and access to nutritious, less processed food. I'm excited to help shape and inspire a new generation of future foodies who focus on the larger picture of where their food comes from.

Meaghan was raised in Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake where she grew up as a figure skater and the world's pickiest eater. She and her husband are raising their two boys, Bode and Felix here in Park City where's she's been since 2014 when she finished grad school. Meaghan enjoys baking, Pure Barre, hiking, skiing, traveling, community organizing, and spending time with her family.

Zoe Flavin, Program Manager

Zoe FlavinZoe comes to EATS with experience leading cooking and gardening education programs. At a community garden in Ontario, CA, Zoe led a bilingual Spanish-English education program. She then further pursued her passion for food and experiential education with FoodCorps, a nationwide non-profit that aims to get healthy food in schools by offering hands-on cooking and gardening lessons to students. As a FoodCorps service-member, Zoe ran cooking and school garden programs at a middle school and high school in Lowell, MA. She first became interested in the links between experiential education and health as a researcher on the impacts of experiential education on kids’ habits and lifelong health outcomes. Zoe has conducted research projects on the subject in India, Cuba, Chile, and with the Harvard Kennedy School’s Government Performance Lab. Zoe’s favorite thing is to create opportunities for young people to experience the delight of fresh food enjoyed amongst community and is so excited to contribute to the work of EATS in Park City! Zoe’s other favorite things are having her hands in the soil and writing fiction.

Natalie Kane, Assistant Program Manager

Originally from Minnesota, with family ties to farming and ranching, food has been a large part of Natalie's life. From writing curriculum for Salt Lake City Trails and Natural Lands outdoor education programs to working with Victory Garden Initiative in Milwaukee, WI to alleviate food deserts, she has developed passions for teaching experiential education and fostering community ties to the food we eat and the land we live on. Natalie is excited to bring these passion to EATS to further their mission of spreading love and awareness for nutritional foods! If Natalie isn't at work, you can find her playing somewhere outside.

Helen Houchens, Administrative Assistant

Hi! My name is Helen Houchens. My husband and I moved to Park City several years ago from Alabama. I absolutely love the healthy and active lifestyle here, in addition to the breathtaking scenery! I have become a huge advocate of healthy eating and bringing awareness to the role food plays in our health and overall well-being. I am so excited to work with an organization that educates our community about healthier eating habits, teaches students and community members how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals, and helps provide healthy foods to those in need! I truly appreciate the work EATS does with the local school lunch programs and educating the children in our community so they are able to make healthier food choices. As a community advocate and a mom, I am thrilled to be working with such a great organization!

Graham Picket, UCC AmeriCorps Garden Coordinator

Graham is the newest member of our team at EATS, joining us as Garden Coordinator. His experience in horticulture and environmental work has driven him to become involved in the education sector. “It’s time to get back to the roots”, he says as he has witnessed a serious disconnect between people and their food. Graham has worked with several organizations such as Swaner Eco Center, Seven Canyons Trust, and Red Butte Gardens on projects that focus on conservation and environmental mitigation efforts. He wants to use that experience in his new position to create school gardens that can be used to teach, explore, and inspire. He is looking forward to coordinating a growing relationship between schools and their food source.

Paola Salinas, Program Development Intern

Paola is a senior student at Westminster College getting a degree in International Business and Data Science. She was born and raised in Torreón, a small city in northern México and moved to the U.S. five years ago. She has experience with kids and one of her passions is data. She believes data science should be visually friendly and available for everyone. Her relationship with food started years ago when she moved to the U.S. and found out that healthy and nutritious foods were not always the first option; she had to invest more time on her meal choices, cooking, and making sure she was getting all the nutrients she needed. She's exited to work with EATS to start changing some habits on children since early stages and to contribute with the community.

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