About EATS

Founded in 2013, EATS (Eat Awesome Things) Park City’s mission is dedicated to empowering and growing healthy communities with fun, food and nutrition advocacy. EATS envisions a healthier generation through the guiding principles of collaborative efforts within our Park City community to attain a holistic approach toward healthier children and their families, knowledge and understanding about food and where it comes from, minimizing food waste throughout the food system, nutrient-rich foods and an openness to learning about new foods and sustainable methods of growing food to support our community.

Open Positions

UCC AmeriCorps Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator

300-hour UCC AmeriCorps Individual Placement Position

The UCC AmeriCorps Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator is primarily responsible for developing the volunteer programs and community outreach programs for EATS' garden program. Working directly with the Garden Coordinator, the Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator will recruit and manage volunteers for EATS' garden program. The UCC Coordinator will also work with EATS Program Manager to get community feedback through surveying and community conversations on the expansion of EATS' garden program.

Through this experience, the UCC Coordinator will get the opportunity to learn about school and community garden programs, volunteer management in a non-profit setting, evidence-based hands-on lessons and more! This position requires a self-motivated individual with strong leadership and relationship building skills.

To apply for this position, please send a resume and cover letter to natalie@eatsparkcity.org.

Leadership Opportunities / Future Employment

Please reach out if you are interested in serving on our board of directors or a committee. For general volunteer enquiries, visit our volunteer page.

If you would like to submit a resume for future consideration, please e-mail meaghan@eatsparkcity.org.

About EATS

Founded in 2013, EATS (Eat Awesome Things) Park City’s mission is to empower and grow healthy communities with fun, food, and nutrition advocacy. We work with the school district and our community to improve the school food program using education as the foundation for change. We are funded by individuals, foundations, and corporate sponsorship.

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