EATS Camps


EATS Spring Camps

2022 EATS and Saddle of Love Mindfulness Camp

April 11 - 14th, 2022
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

We are so excited to offer this amazing spring break camp in partnership with Saddle of Love. During this camp, students of all ages will learn how to practice mindfulness through cooking, eating, meditation, and caring for animals.
EATS and Saddle of Love are happy to offer accommodation for additional childcare and scholarships. Please reach out directly to natalie@eatsparkcity.org if you would like assistance with anything related to this camp.

EATS Summer Camps

Every summer EATS offers camps for students. The topics explored at EATS camps range widely from learning new kitchen skills and how to combine flavors to planting a garden and learning how to take care of plants as they grow into nutritious food.

2021 Summer Camps are a wrap! Join our newsletter to be notified of upcoming camps and events.

Homegrown EATS Camp with Swaner EcoCenter

Grades 4 - 6

Eat local and support your roots in this experiential cooking camp! What may seem like small choices in our food can have a big impact on our climate. From comparing prices of local and non-local foods at the grocery store to special guest presenters, campers will get a firsthand look at what our community is doing to grow and eat local foods! Field trips for this camp will be dependent on COVID-19.

Chopped Camp with Summit Community Gardens

Grades 2 - 6

Back by popular demand: the Chopped Challenge featuring what campers can harvest from the garden. Each day the kids will learn about a different seasonal crop and then learn different ways they can create a healthy meal from it. On the final day, the kids will compete in a cooking challenge featuring a secret garden ingredient.

Harvest Camp with Summit Community Gardens

Grades 1 - 3

In the midst of summer vacation EATS and Summit Community Gardens have partnered to bring you a Summer Harvest Camp. Kids will learn how to harvest fun vegetables, as well as how to prepare and store them to enjoy in the fall through food fun projects like pickling the cucumbers and making salsa from the tomatoes.


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