PCSDlogo-PMSEATS Park City and the Park City School District’s (PCSD) Child Nutrition Services (CNS) are working closely to ensure that the delicious, nutritious changes that the CNS are making are sustainable.

What started as the community raising concerns in 2013, snowballed into EATS’ Hungry for Healthy Campaign in 2016. With EATS leading the charge, at a January school board meeting, community members made their voices heard and demanded change.

The Park City School District started eliminating unhealthy ingredients with the 15 TO CLEAN initiative in 2016, and in 2018 introduced scratch-cooked meals at all FOUR elementary schools! 

Feedback from the elementary community has been great. EATS is looking to support PCSD as they expand to the upper grades. Once the equipment is in place and the staff is trained, some of the recipes you may see, “sesame noodles with fresh vegetables” one day and “cheese ravioli with homemade tomato cream sauce” the next. You may, however, begin to see items trickle into circulation sooner than later as CNS is committed to being an exemplary model of this delicious, nutritious school food movement.

We are so excited about the changes the PCSD is implementing, EATS staff has started eating in school cafeterias once a month. We are amazed by the quality and taste and guarantee it to be the best $3.50 meal in Park City!

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