Areas of Focus


EATS’ initiatives fall under four areas of focus: Education, Food Security, Sustainability and Advocacy


Education initiatives are the cornerstone of EATS' mission because we know that knowledge is empowering. EATS is dedicated to educating children and their families; offering nutritional guidance and hands on experiences to create lifelong healthy habits. The classes, camps, and community action efforts all teach in ways that are socially enjoyable - reinforcing positive attitudes and behaviors in personal health and nutrition.

Food Security

Food security initiatives strive to make healthy choices more accessible. EATS delivers essential meal services to qualifying community members, addressing their basic needs above all else. In cooperation with local partners, recipients of donated meals, and other forms of food support, are provided with healthier ingredients to balance meals and supplement nutrition.


Sustainability initiatives teach the next generation new habits that can affect positive change for the environment such as composting, regenerative agriculture, and mindful dietary modifications. Education is primarily delivered in cooperation with the school district to accelerate the outreach efforts.


Advocacy initiatives focus on forming partnerships and acquiring resources to promote and support community values such as local farming, improved access to markets, and educating youth. Partners include state and local organizations that assist EATS with increasing its community presence and becoming a voice for communal needs and underrepresented citizens.

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