Mushroom Madness

Long gone are the days of hair nets, fake cheese and tater tot burgers. Here at EATS we are doing what we can to make sure we keep things mixed up! In January the students at McPolin, Trailside, Jeremy Ranch, and Parley’s Park Elementary Schools had the opportunity to chef it up and make some […]

It happens all the time. You take your kids out for dinner and the hostess asks, “Do you want a kids’ menu?” Of course your twelve year old rolls his eyes and you politely decline for him with the forgiving quip, “He’s a growing boy.” But what you may really be thinking is that the […]

“Fed up with those ‘Lunch trays around the world’ photos? You’re not alone. ” If you’ve been online in the past month, you’ve seen the photos of school lunches around the world and probably thought they looked amazing. Why can’t our schools serve those? They look restaurant quality. The truth is, that’s EXACTLY what they […]

“EATS Park City thinks the idea of kid food is just cluckin’ ridiculous!” One day each month, a group of determined volunteers enters the Park City elementary schools (and Ecker Hill) offering both familiar (cherry tomatoes, cucumbers) and maybe not so familiar (brussel sprouts) items during the lunch periods. Conversations start off with “Take a […]

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