4th of July Treats

A traditional 4th of July is celebrated with food, time spent outdoors, fireworks, and full of friends and family. Although Independence Day looks and feels quite different this year, we can come together over food. We’ve put together this short list of recipes for you and yours to make to celebrate unalienable rights for all. […]

What’s in season right now in Utah?

Locally-sourced seasonal produce can be difficult to navigate during a pandemic with limited grocery runs and increased inclination to buy more shelf-stable goods. By identifying local seasonal produce, we can help support our community’s local economy and farmers, while eating flavorsome and nutritious foods!  Seasonal produce is food that is harvested at its peak ripeness […]

Meals for Mom

There’s no better way to make your mom feel like one of a kind than preparing a nice meal for her! Try making one of these brunch or dinner recipes to let her know how much she is appreciated. If you can’t celebrate in person, try making one of these recipes over a video call […]

Eating Local for the Earth

What is local food and why is it important? Eating locally means minimizing the distance between production and consumption. This can be easily achieved by doing some research on local farms, community, gardens, or community-supported agriculture programs. Choosing local has many advantages over the modern food system with regards to nutritional/environmental benefits, economic advantages, and […]

EATS Earth Day Cooking Competition

This competition is the product of EATS and Hearth and Hill working together to create a friendly cooking competition. In light of Earth Day, we wanted to highlight a local restaurant to encourage buying, eating, and shopping locally.  How Do I Participate? 1. Sign up using the link below to purchase a box. 2. Pick […]

Microgreens with Macro Benefits

Why microgreens? The term microgreen is the universal name for almost any green vegetable or herb that produces edible leaves and can be harvested at the cotyledon (first leaves) stage of growth. These greens can be found in a variety of colors, textures, and flavors which can be a healthy addition to many dishes. These […]

Mushroom Madness

Long gone are the days of hair nets, fake cheese and tater tot burgers. Here at EATS we are doing what we can to make sure we keep things mixed up! In January the students at McPolin, Trailside, Jeremy Ranch, and Parley’s Park Elementary Schools had the opportunity to chef it up and make some […]

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