Cooking Classes Galore!

YSA ACTiV8 Supported Cooking Classes
Fridays 1:45p – 3p

In conjunction with YSA’s program ACTiV8, EATS is providing cooking classes at Ecker Hill and Treasure on Friday’s after school for 6th – 9th graders.

Session 1 (Ecker): Spice Up Your Life, Nov 16 , 30 | Dec 7 , 14
Session 2 (Treasure): Fuel Like a Pro Athlete, Feb 25 | Mar 4 , 11 , 17
Session 3 (Ecker): A Fresh Take on Fast Foods, April 26 | May 3, 10, 17

Session 1, Spice Up Your Life

Spice Up Your Life, is happening now! Students are traveling with their senses through the culinary world. They are learning about different spices used all over the world and how to use them in their own cooking. This is a flavorful four-class session where students get a chance to experience new things through their taste buds.

Session 2, Fuel Like a Pro Athlete

Students will get to learn how pro athletes fuel themselves to be successful in their own sports. Each class will feature a pro-athletes favorite recipe and learn how food can be the key to athletic success.

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Session 3, A Fresh Take on Fast Foods

Students will learn how to make common fast food items from scratch.

Sign up on the YSA ACTiV8 site soon! Please check here.

Ecker After School Cooking Classes
Tuesdays 3p – 5p

This year, we are teaching cooking classes in Ecker’s after school program. On Tuesdays, we are partnering with Ecker to teach more in-depth culinary and nutrition classes for middle schoolers. Students will come out of these classes with the knowledge to cook delicious and nutritious foods for themselves!

Six sessions are being offered. Sign up for Session 4 now!

Session 4: Jan 8, 15, 22, 29
Session 5: Feb 5, 12, 26 | March 5
Session 6: March 12, 19, 26 | April 2

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Elementary After School Cooking Classes
Fridays 1p – 5p

In our after school classes at every elementary school in Park City, we teach students grades K-5 nutrition through cooking classes. Students signed up for the after school program get to attend the cooking class.

By making recipes like watermelon arugula salad and veggie-tastic breakfast burrito, students learn cooking skills such as knife skills, measurement, and recipe reading, as well as the nutritional information to make healthy food choices.