Be a Special Guest and Enrich a Child’s Life!

We just concluded our cooking class at Treasure Mountain Junior High School and it was Fun, Fast, and Fresh! For four Mondays, we spent time together preparing Vietnamese rice paper rolls, steak fajitas, and smoothies. But it was the special guests we had who stepped up our fun and learning to the next level!

Tandem Chocolates

Phyllis Robinson joined us from Tandem Chocolates (check them out, amazing chocolates!) taught us a lot about the science of chocolates. Her knowledge and expertise was top notch and her ability to share facts with us in an interesting and engaging way was amazing! Phyllis taught us to temper the chocolate to form the right crystal structure. Did you know chocolate has to have the right crystal structure!? So cool!


Our next guests came to us from ProBar (a local company!). These ladies were wonderful and taught us a little of everything! We learned about marketing new products, how ProBar Meal Bars are made, and they showed us how to make our own. We learned a lot, it was so fun! Do you know about flavor profiles? We didn’t until they came and taught us!

Our special guests were super knowledgeable and really made our classes special. EATS Park City is always looking for volunteers for our cooking classes. Think you have nothing to offer? Think again! Even adults who do not have expertise in the foods areas still have experiences to share. Think about enriching a child’s life and volunteer to cook with kids!