Healthy Snacks for When You’re On the Go or on the Hill

This ski season looks a bit different than years passed. With many ski restaurants being closed or at limited capacity, we wanted to offer a few suggestions of do-it-yourself ski resort foods for ski break. 

Snacks for on the go or in a ski backpack: 

  • Make a sandwich out of a bagel or a wrap instead of bread so it gets less smooshed. A tasty combo is hummus, kalamata olives, and spinach. 
  • Salty snacks like pretzels are the best for keeping you thirsty. It can sometimes be hard to remember to drink water when it’s so cold out! 
  • Pre-shelled sunflower seeds or other nuts! A little goes a long way to keeping you full and fueled.
  • Fill your favorite insulated bottle with hot soup instead of coffee. It sounds crazy, but it’s much more filling and is the best way to warm yourself from the inside. 
  • Super Muffins. This recipe has been adapted from the cookbook “Run Fast Eat Slow.” These muffins have been tested and approved on the chair lift by our Education Coordinator who has made many different versions of these. Click here to view the recipe. 

If you’re going to tailgate and cook in the parking lot, we have even more ideas: 

  • Make pancakes on a griddle and pair with syrup for a starchy surgery energy boost. Flavor bonus points for adding blueberries or chocolate chips. We recommend preparing the badder at home and packing it in the car.
  • Heat up some canned soup in a Jetboil or on a portable stove for the quickest and easiest possible hot meal. 
  • Prep some veggies, crack an egg on top and sauté together with spices and soy sauce for a quick stir fry. 
  • Prepare a charcuterie board. 

We hope you enjoy your time out on the slopes this season! Whatever you do, keep your body fueled for adventure.