Holiday Foods to Balance the Immune System with Dr. John Lawrence and Dr. Tricia Petzold

Functional Medicine Specialists Dr. John Lawrence and Dr. Tricia Petzold will be speaking about the importance of a healthy immune system and how to support it through nutrition. Join us to learn more about anti-inflammatory foods, vegetable preparation, and the importance of a healthy microbiome.

About the Panelists

Dr. Tricia Petzold is a Family Physician certified in Functional Medicine. She teaches Integrative and Culinary Medicine at the University of Utah. Her interests are in understanding the whole person, identifying WHY someone is having symptoms and using lifestyle and culinary medicine to optimize health. She sees patients at Pinnacle Health in Salt Lake City where the mission is to empower individuals to achieve their highest expression of health.

Dr John Lawrence is a Functional Medicine Specialist, co-founder of East West Health and the author of the book Playing Doctor Part One: Medical School (Stumbling Through with Amnesia).