Foods to Heal the Body and Mind

Many foods have been used as medicine amongst cultures. Before grocery stores, vending machines, and fast food, traditional meals consisted of seasonal, wholesome ingredients. Long before food, as we know it today, eating has always been at the center of indigenous cultures. Harvest ceremonies were celebrated, songs were sung, and words of thanks were recited […]

Microgreens with Macro Benefits

Why microgreens? The term microgreen is the universal name for almost any green vegetable or herb that produces edible leaves and can be harvested at the cotyledon (first leaves) stage of growth. These greens can be found in a variety of colors, textures, and flavors which can be a healthy addition to many dishes. These […]

5 Immune-Boosting Tips

Below are five supplements that may help improve immune health while offering several other benefits. Many of these have been frequently researched for their immune benefits, however, they cannot replace a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, sleeping well, and exercising are the most important things for your body’s immune system.  1. Eat foods high in vitamin […]

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