Mac y Arboles

Mac y Arboles- Nueva Escuela de Cocina Sirve 10 Ingredientes Brócoli 1/2 libra Agua 1 galón Sal Kosher Para el agua de la pasta Trigo integral macarrones 2/3 libra Leche 1/4 de galón Harina 1/2 taza Mostaza de… Read More

Lunch Program Facts


Most people are not aware that No Park City Tax Dollars go toward the school lunch program. Money to pay for school lunches comes from three sources: 43% from students buying lunch; 43% from federal reimbursement funds for… Read More

Lunch Menu Facts


Each day the school lunch menu offers food in 5 categories: Fruits Vegetables Whole Grains Meat / meat alternative Milk (low-fat white and chocolate, hormone and anti-biotic free) Each child selects one item from at least 3 of… Read More

The Evolution of School Food in Park City

The school food programs in the Park City School District have been evolving over the last several years to offer healthier options for our students. Through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act 2010 championed by the First Lady and… Read More