Lunch Program Facts

Most people are not aware that No Park City Tax Dollars go toward the school lunch program. Money to pay for school lunches comes from three sources: 43% from students buying lunch; 43% from federal reimbursement funds for lower income students; and 14% from State funding.

There are about 4,500 students in the Park City school district and about half of the kids eat school lunch. At the elementary schools, participation in school lunch climbs to 65%. Twenty percent of the total student population is eligible for the free/reduced lunch program (Figures from 2012-13 school year).

School lunch participation has decreased by about 1% each year for the last three years in the elementary schools and has remained flat for the upper level schools. One of the main reasons for lower participation is the change in the school food offerings to more healthy ingredients (learn more). Every day, the school lunch menu offers food in 5 categories:

  • Fruits – two fresh fruits and one canned fruit is offered
  • Vegetables – both raw and cooked are served
  • Whole grains – including brown rice, pasta, wheat coatings and wheat bread
  • Meat or meat alternative
  • Milk – hormone-free, low-fat white and chocolate

School lunches must meet the USDA and US Department of Health and Human Services guidelines to be considered reimbursable. Decisions about what specific foods to serve and how they are prepared are made by local school food authorities (Park City Child Nutrition Services Department). Elizabeth Strasser is the current Park City Child Nutrition Services Director. Other changes that were made in the Park City School Food program in recent years include:

  • Juice is 100% fruit juice and only offered twice weekly
  • Meat for pizza and corn dogs are lower fat turkey
  • There are NO fried foods on the menu; foods that are typically fried are baked
  • Self-serving salad (fruit and veggie) bars are positioned all but one school
  • A more broadened variety of entrees offered (three each day)

To view the current school menus, click here.