Learn about the programs EATS is leading and supporting:

What’s up with School Food?

Park City Child Nutrition Services (CNS) is working to improve the quality, appeal, and nutritional value of school food. EATS is working to support PCSD CNS in ways that are effective and beneficial to the district and the students.

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Curious Cooks

If you teach a child to cook, you give them lifelong skills to feed themselves. Preparing a healthy meal and sharing it with others is enriching and expands health education beyond the classroom. EATS has been teaching children how to cook through interactive, hands-on classes, since 2014.

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School Gardens: Outdoor and Indoor

EATS understands the importance of raising a healthier generation through hands-on, experiential food education. EATS has been instrumental in getting both outdoor and indoor gardens in our schools.

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EATS takes cooking, nutrition, garden education, and art to new heights and experiences through camps during school breaks.

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Cooking Demos with the Christian Center

In the 2018/19 school year, EATS and the Christian Center of Park City are coming together to provide cooking demonstrations to food pantry recipients, weekend backpacks filled with quality food to students in need, and a series of cooking classes focused on involving the whole family.

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Taste Tests

Before healthy foods become the norm for kids, they first have to try them! School Taste Tests provide an equitable mechanism for exposing youth to new foods. EATS started this program in 2014, and in 2018 the district adopted it.

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