Vermont Maple Apple French Toast Bake

Vermont Maple Apple French Toast Bake From the cookbook: New School Cuisine Serves 12 Ingredients Apples  ¾ Pound Whole wheat bread  1 Pound Eggs   13 Large or 1 quart liquid eggs Milk 1 ⅓ Cups Maple syrup ⅓ Cup Ground cinnamon … Read More

Mac & Trees

 Mac & Trees -New School Cuisine Cookbook  Serves 10 Ingredients Broccoli 1/2 pound Water 1 gallon Kosher salt, For the pasta water Whole Wheat Macaroni 2/3 pound Milk 1/4 gallon Flour 1/2 cup Ground Mustard Seed 1/4 Tsp… Read More

Kid Food Creates Picky Eaters

“EATS Park City thinks the idea of kid food is just cluckin’ ridiculous!” One day each month, a group of determined volunteers enters the Park City elementary schools (and Ecker Hill) offering both familiar (cherry tomatoes, cucumbers) and… Read More

Cure Picky Eaters, According to the French

I wanted to share an article from Bon Appetit on How to Cure Your Kids Picky Eating Habits. Thought this might inspire our French speaking students and parents!