4th of July Treats

A traditional 4th of July is celebrated with food, time spent outdoors, fireworks, and full of friends and family. Although Independence Day looks and feels quite different this year, we can come together over food. We’ve put together this short list of recipes for you and yours to make to celebrate unalienable rights for all. […]

EATS Update: Food Justice, Family Cooking Classes & More!

EATS family, thank you for your generous and continued support of our work toward a socially equitable food system. EATS believes all people deserve access to high-quality, fresh, and nutritious food. Statistics from the Institute for Food and Development Policy confirm the persistence of racial inequality in the food system: African-Americans once owned 16 million acres of […]

What’s in season right now in Utah?

Locally-sourced seasonal produce can be difficult to navigate during a pandemic with limited grocery runs and increased inclination to buy more shelf-stable goods. By identifying local seasonal produce, we can help support our community’s local economy and farmers, while eating flavorsome and nutritious foods!  Seasonal produce is food that is harvested at its peak ripeness […]

Why Choose Native Plants?

When you hear things like “choose native plants for your yard,” what does this really mean and why is it important? Native plants are ones that occur naturally in a region in which they evolved without human influence. These plants are the ecological basis which life depends on to continue supporting a biodiverse environment; for […]

Meals for Mom

There’s no better way to make your mom feel like one of a kind than preparing a nice meal for her! Try making one of these brunch or dinner recipes to let her know how much she is appreciated. If you can’t celebrate in person, try making one of these recipes over a video call […]

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