It’s not just lunch. It’s LIFE. Come to the school board meeting on January 19th at 4pm to make your voice heard.

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Did you see the results of the recent school food survey*?

  • Only 38% of Park City students eat school lunch.
  • 72% of students don’t eat school lunch because they have a negative perception of what’s served and don’t want to eat it.
  • Only 12% of parents believe healthy options are offered at school.
  • More than HALF think the taste of school food is only fair or poor.
  • 78% of students enjoy homemade meals outside of school.

*Survey results above from the December 2015 Park City School District Nutrition survey.

It’s Time to Eliminate Harmful Ingredients

This January, EATS is asking the Park City School District to put immediate steps to begin serving meals that are made with healthy, whole, natural ingredients while eliminating ingredients with known health concerns: the “Sinister Seven”.

  1. Trans fats and Hydrogenated oils
  2. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  3. Hormones and Antibiotics in beef and other animal products where possible
  4. Added and Artificial Sweeteners
  5. Artificial Colors and Flavors
  6. Artificial Preservatives
  7. Bleached Flour

To learn more about what foods contain these items and why they need to be removed from school lunch NOW, please visit Hungry for Healthy: The Sinister Seven. The Sinister Seven, or Seven Ingredients of Concern, have been outlined by The Life Time Foundation. Learn more at

You Can Do Something About It

We want to feed our children’s bodies and minds so they can perform to the best of their ability, academically and athletically. Good food can bridge the achievement gap, reduce risky behavior and prevent childhood obesity.

Join us in the HUNGRY FOR HEALTHY campaign. It’s not just lunch. It’s LIFE.

  1. Tell the School Board directly what you desire in our school food (and what needs to go!). Contact them at
  2. Come to the School Board meeting on Tuesday, January 19 at 4 pm, at the Park City District Office Building, 2700 Kearns Blvd., to make your voice heard!
  3. Sign the Hungry for Healthy petition, asking the district to eliminate the “seven sinister” ingredients from school food.