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Why EATS? Perhaps Molly Mae Sims, a current Park City School District student, can tell you best…

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Your Donations at Work: Cooking Classes, Gardens, and Curriculum, Oh My!

While providing nutritious food to students is a fundamental step, the additional impact of showing them where food comes from, and how to prepare it is critical. Through EATS’ interactive cooking class program, Curious Cooks, students are challenged to mix and match new flavors like adding spicy arugula leaves to their watermelon salad. Curious Cooks puts the fun into nutrition, builds excitement around food, and empowers students to take ownership over their eating habits.

In grades 6-9, the students are given the freedom to learn through experimentation, while ensuring they have the resources to be successful. We regularly bring in community members (professional chefs, Olympians) to further expand the students’ nutrition and culinary interests.

EATS also supports teachers by providing resources, expertise, and funding opportunities for indoor hydroponic tower gardens, outdoor gardens, and greenhouses. These spaces are used to teach a plethora of academic subjects (math, science, engineering), life skills, and a connection to where food originates.

EATS programs empower students to hone these skills into adulthood. The full circle approach we provide encourages sustainability. If each student is properly nourished, knows how to prepare nutritious food, and is connected to the process, we will have not only have healthier children but a greater chance at a thriving community.