Thank You Park City

Dear Park City,

Wow! What an amazing community we live in! Last Friday, 73 non-profit organizations came together and asked for your support and you responded by giving over $1 million in just 24 hours during Live PC Give PC! It’s incredible to live in, raise families, and vacation in such a supportive and caring environment. I don’t think there’s another place like it in the world!

EATS Park City was one of the newest non-profits to join the incredible list of organizations whose mission it is to give back to our community. Our grass roots efforts started just over a year ago with parents willing to get involved in teaching kids about healthy food through gardens, cooking classes, taste tests and classroom discussions. The Park City School District listened to our concerns and partnered with us to make some changes in the food being offered in our schools and to include healthy curriculum and goals in the District Learning Plan. Our teachers came on board, inviting us into their classrooms and changing their snack policies. Other non-profits welcomed us with open arms and sought out ways to collaborate. Local businesses and restaurants generously shared services, chefs and resources with us to make our programs better. Together, we’ve been able to make big impacts in a short amount of time.

During Live PC Give PC we were overwhelmed by your generosity! We exceeded our financial goals and were listed in the top ten for number of donors for small non-profits. Your response confirms our actions are valuable to you and we are inspired to continue with our mission to improve the school food program using education as the foundation for change.

With support like this, it won’t be long before the only “grass-roots” we’ll be talking about is grass-fed meat and local root vegetables!

Thank you to all who have contributed to EATS – Eat Awesome Things at School- in so many ways!

Ann Bloomquist
President/Co-founder EATS Park City