Dear Lunch Ladies, Thank you. Sincerely, The Parents.

Salad bar at Trailside Elementary school

Googling through posts about Lunch Lady Appreciation week, I came across an excellent article in the Huffington Post describing the complexities of the school lunch program. Having worked for over two years now with the Park City Child Nutrition Services department, I can attest first-hand to the intricate web of  diverse issues that go into feeding our kids at school. Our Lunch Ladies have endured many changes to the food itself in the past few years, with less staff and more kids. Fresh fruits and vegetables take more time and energy to prepare and presentation is a key to kids eating them. Our ladies have worked hard to encourage students to take – and EAT – healthier options. This past year, they were asked to make more meals from scratch – chicken fajitas, lasagna, chili, and chicken tortilla soup were among the new items prepared at the schools, not from a package.

Deb and Marry at Ecker
Deb and Marry at Ecker Hill on Lunch Hero Appreciation Day, May 1, 2015

Lunch Ladies play a very important role in the lives of our children. They are the first line of offense in nourishing young bodies to prepare them to learn. A smile and words of encouragement go a long way when kids go through the lunchline. Let’s not take that for granted! So the next time you’re in your child’s school, stop by the cafeteria and say thank you to your Lunch Ladies.

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