March is National Nutrition Month – VegOut!

To celebrate, EATS is encouraging everyone to VegOut! That doesn’t mean sit on the couch….it means “eat your veggies”!

March is National Nutrition Month: Let’s VegOut!

EATS is challenging Park City to VegOut! – a challenge to eat 30 different vegetables within the month, with special prizes and recognition for participants.

Starting March 1st, EATS Park City is teaming up with national organization, Recipe For Success, to bring this easy, delicious, fun and healthy food adventure to our town.

To take the challenge, download the free mobile app VegOut! with Recipe for Success. There you will find hundreds of recipes and inspiration through live feeds on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. Join the EATS Park City VegOut! team by clicking on the My Groups tab in the app’s menu.

EATS Park City is developing local prizes for the best eaters but the BIG prize is a $2000 grant from Chipotle to bring Recipe for Success’s Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education program to our schools.

Look for our Veggie of the Day list, Veggie Fact sheet for inspiration and our Veggie log for manual tracking in upcoming newsletters, at school and on our website!