Yogamedo Teaches about Food and Yoga at Jeremy Ranch

In an effort to bring more food education to the classroom, EATS has partnered with Salt Lake-based company, Yogamedo. Read below to learn about one kinder’s experience with Yogamedo.

Will-YogaMedoJeremy Ranch kinder Will Hladon’s mom was stunned when Will ordered grapefruit juice while his friends ordered hot chocolate. She was even more perplexed when he asked, “What else has Lycopene in it besides grapefruit?” Where was this coming from?

Will’s class is piloting a new food education/yoga program called Yogamedo. Teachers are emailed a weekly, 15-minute video: the first half teaches about a healthy food and is followed by yoga moves that the kids do right in the classroom. EATS is sponsoring the program and will monitor its impact for considered expansion. If Will is any indication, more kids could have this food/yoga program next year.

Watch Yogamedo videos here to learn about Lycopene in grapefruit and other foods.

The teachers participating in the pilot program are:

  • Marie Roberts, Kinder
  • Jennifer Johnson, 2nd grade
  • Barbara Hansen, 2nd grade
  • Melinda Breiholz, 2nd grade
  • Renee Linford, 1st grade
  • Patrice Davis, 1st grade
  • Debra Guthery, 1st grade
  • Lucie KayserBril, 1st grade
  • Melissa Wilson, Kinder
  • Mindy Martin, Kinder
  • Liis Rametta, 5th grade
  • Christina Sutherland, 4th grade
  • Susan Boone, Special Ed
  • Wendy St. James, Counselor
  • Linda Hilton, 5th grade
  • Carol Boissonault, Librarian
  • Cheryl Eichner, PE